What is the earliest age my animal can be spayed or neutered?

You can have your dog or cat spayed/neutered as early as 8 weeks old by the Greenville Humane Society or Animal Allies.  Check with other veterinarians in our network to see their age requirements.

When should I call to make my appointment for my pet's surgery?

Once you complete your application, attach paperwork needed and pay, you will receive a voucher with the list of veterinarians in our network.  You can select the veterinarian of your choice and call to make your appointment.

Where do I get the phone number and address of the veterinarian or clinic I have selected?

It will be included on your voucher.

Does my pet have to stay overnight?


Can I get my senior dog or cat spayed or neutered?

It will depend on age, breed and health of the animal.  It is at the discretion of the veterinarian.

Can I get help to spay or neuter my feral cats even though I cannot catch them?

We love helping feral or community cats with low or no cost spay/neuter.  However, we do not have volunteers who can help trap.  Please email us at news@speakforanimals.com and we will try to help you find someone.

Can I get a microchip or other vaccinations done at the time my pet is being spayed or neutered?

Yes - and we encourage it!  You will just pay the veterinarian the extra fee.

If my pet needs to have their teeth cleaned while they are having spay/neuter surgery, can I have this done?

It will depend on the veterinarian you chose.  Ask them to see if they can include that with surgery.  You will pay the additional fee.

If my pet gets sick after their spay or neuter surgery, who do I call?

You will contact the veterinary office who did the surgery.

I have feral cats I am feeding, but do not want to care for them anymore, can you take them and get them adopted?

Unfortunately, we do not have resources to help with rescue.

Where can I find financial assistance for my pet's veterinary care?

Please email us at news@speakforanimals.com if you need financial assistance.  Give us a full description of how many animals need spay/neuter assistance, etc.  We may or may not be able to help you.