This page will highlight selected URGENT Needs of Speak For Animals, animals and agencies in our Upstate South Carolina community.

Each month through the course of our work in the community Speak For Animals comes across many emergency animal needs.

Provided we have adequate budget, we will address the need through funds or resources provided by our donors. Where the need extends our resources or expertise, we will use this page as a means to ask for help.

In addition to Speak For Animals Urgent Needs, many times local residents, animal welfare agencies and others turn to Speak For Animals for expertise, support, financial help or assistance in spreading the word about animals in urgent need.

Examples of urgent need include:

  • Emergency Animal Foster Needs
  • Animal Abuse: Awareness, Rescue, Veterinary Care
  • Emergency Veterinary Care Funds
  • Animal Rescue Transport

Unfortunately urgent needs for animals in the community are great and we will not be able to feature all needs. If you would like to submit an urgent need for posting, please email and include: URGENT NEED FEATURE in the subject line of the email.

If you are interested in helping with an URGENT Need, follow instructions outlined in the Urgent Need posting.