Interested in Spay and Neuter for your pet? Speak for Animals partners with selected veterinarians and clinics to offer low cost and special assistance spay and neuter options to the public In addition, Speak for Animals subsidizes low cost spay/neuter services to reduce financial barriers associated with animal spay/neuter. If you don't see a program that meets your needs, please contact us and we will do our best to help or refer you to partners or agencies that may be able to assist you.

Participating Veterinarian Hospitals and Clinics:

  • Greenville Humane Society
  • Foothills Vetinary Hospital
  • Greenville County Animal Care
  • The Cat Clinic of Greenville
  • Hillcrest Animal Hospital

How to purchase Speak for Animals spay/neuter programs:

Please complete the Request and Release form and mail along with full payment, (and proof of government assistance if applicable) to address on the form. You may also purchase a voucher online.

pdf 98.19 Kb Spay_Neuter_Request_and_Release.pdf

Upon receipt of your Request and Release form and payment, a spay/neuter voucher will be mailed to you. This voucher is proof of payment and must accompany your pet to his /her spay/neuter surgery appointment. The voucher will either specify a veterinarian or include a list of participating veterinarians for you to choose from.

IMPORTANT: You must call the vet and schedule your appointment. Voucher must accompany animal to the surgery appointment or vet or services will not be rendered.

Spay and Neuter Programs Details:

Regular Low-Cost Program – Dog or Cat: $70.00
This program was designed for households that otherwise do not qualify for our Government Assistance/Disability/Low-Income, Fix-A-Pit or Spay-Mania programs (see below for qualifiers).  Full payment of $70.00 includes one spay or neuter for a dog or cat.

Government Assistance/Disability/Low-Income Program – Dog or Cat: $25.00 with proof of assistance.
Designed for household that are receiving government assistance (disability payments, food stamps, social security, Medicaid/Medicare, unemployment), or qualify as Low-Income based on HUD Income Limits Documentation System

  • Payment of $25.00 includes one spay or neuter for a dog or cat.
  • Proof of assistance is required with a completed Spay/Neuter Request and Release form.
  • Full payment of $25.00 includes one spay or neuter for a dog or cat.
Fix-A-Pit (Pit Bull and Pit Bull Mix) Program: $25.00
This program is designed specifically for pit bull and pit bull mixbreeds. Due to the overwhelming number of pit bull and pit bull mixes being euthanized in shelters, we created this program to be affordable to most everyone. We want to help put an end to useless deaths of a wonderful, but often misunderstood breed.

Feral (Untamed) Cat Program (individual humane trape and ear tips): $10
Rabies and Distemper shots included. ​This program is for use of FERAL CATS ONLY​ and all cats using this programs will have one EAR TIPPED​. ALL surgeries will be performed at Greenville County Animal Care Clinic, 328 Furman Hall Rd, Greenville, SC 29609. Cats MUST be dropped off ​INDIVIDUALLY ​in a HUMANE TRAP​. ​If the cat is not deemed to be feral by the clinic, you may be required to pay full price for cat spay/neuter. ​Monday - Thursday from 9:00am - 11:30am. NO exceptions.

Vaccinations: $5.00 Rabies, $5.00 Distemper
(DA2PPV/FVRCP)Vaccinations are administered at the time of surgery, if needed.  Speak for Animals does not offer vaccinations unless they are in conjunction with one of our spay/neuter programs. Our mission is to reduce the number of unwanted dogs and cats, and senseless euthanasia of healthy companion animals.·

Spay-Mania (Once monthly, limited availability)
Spay-Mania is a one a month program that is offered to West Greenville (29611) residents and is based on availability.  Please contact us at  for additional information and to see if you qualify.

Pre-Spay/Neuter: Important Points to Remember.

  • No food after 7PM the night before the surgery and no water after 10PM.
  • Please bring cats in a carrier.
  • Please bring proof of vaccinations, if applicable (required if your animal is not receive vaccinations with spay/neuter).
  • Please drop off your animal at the assigned time and pick them up at the assigned time.
  • Please treat our veterinarians with the utmost respect. They are providing these services to us at a reduced cost and a critical to our ability to continue to offer low cost spay/neuter services in the community.

Top Ten Reasons to Spay/Neuter Your Pet