Spay-Mania is a unique community outreach program designed to help animals living in strategic low income households. Animal reproduction rates and homeless animal populations in these areas tend to be higher than averages.

Started in 2006, Spay-Mania began as a temporary outreach and education program focused in West Greenville (29611). We quickly realized the need was great and required more than a one time or temporary program. It became clear there were several factors contributing to animal overpopulation, abuse and homelessness in the area:

  • Poverty: lack financial means to pay for spay/neuter.
  • Education: lack knowledge of spay/neuter benefits for their animal.
  • Veterinary Service: lack relationship with a local veterinarian or veterinarian clinic.

Speak for Animals set out to create a lasting community outreach program to improve the lives of animals in low income areas by assisting individuals and families to care for their animals. Through volunteer dedication, veterinary partnerships and ongoing individual and corporate donations, Spay-Mania has continued as a monthly program that has saved or improved the quality of life for more than 10,000 animals and prevented the conception and birth of millions of unwanted puppies and kittens.

Community Outreach, Spay and Neuter Sign-Up

If you would like to volunteer at a Spay-Mania event, please email us at in advance so we can arrange for a brief orientation and to match you a volunteer role. Volunteers needed as greeters, registration desk, door-to-door outreach, education and sign-up and follow-up transport of animals to and from veterinary appointments.

Spay-Mania Overview:

Services and Programs:

Education and awareness through neighborhood outreach: Speak for Animals volunteers meet local residents, discussing animal welfare issues, providing educational materials, and basic care supplies.

Spay /Neuter Services:

Screening and animal sign-up for low cost and no cost spay and neuter services, along with vaccinations for cats and dogs.

Other Services: 

In addition to low cost and no-cost spay/neuter, we provide needy animals with food, treats, leashes, collars, and other necessities. Humane educational materials are provided to children and adults in the form of books, supplies and other materials. These materials teach proper animal care and offer suggestions of ways to have fun with and interact with their animals. Speak for Animals is now well known in economically challenged neighborhoods.

Many residents act as Spay/Neuter advocates to their peers. In addition, many instances of animal abuse and abandonment have been corrected through Speak for Animals outreach in the community.As a Volunteer, Spay-Mania offers a wonderful opportunity to see first-hand the impact your time and talents make in the lives of animals and the humans who love them. Please be sure to visit our photo galleries to see Speak for Animals "Spay-Mania Alumni" and Volunteers in action.

Spay-Mania Greenville

Spay-Mania Greenville Sign up is the THIRD Saturday of each month from 10AM – NOON at the Judson YMCA Community Center.  Contact to volunteer or get more info if you need your dog or cat spayed/neutered and believe you may qualify.