SFA Volunteers Rock!

Speak for Animals is always looking for dedicated and passionate volunteers to help with our cause. Once we learn a little bit about you, we'll do our best to match your time and interests with a Speak for Animals volunteer experience that would be best for you.

Since we are 100% volunteer based, we have a wide range of volunteer needs. If you are interested in becoming a volunteer, please contact news@speakforanimals.com

Here are a few of our volunteer needs:

Planning and Organizing

  • Volunteer Coordination
  • Event planning
  • Special Event Assistance
  • Event planning
  • Sponsor line-up
  • Attendee recruitment

Fund Raising, Partner Recruitment

  • Grant writing
  • Civic and corporate fund raising
  • Veterinary Partner recruitment & on-boarding

Marketing & Communications

  • Marketing and branding support
  • Traditional PR and Social Media
  • Writing articles, newsletters and more

Humane Education

  • Sponsor or lead humane education workshops at schools or with civic groups
  • Provide and/or distribute humane education materials

Spay-Mania Community Outreach Program

Spay-Mania is a unique monthly community outreach program designed to help animals living in low income households located in the targeted high shelter intake zip codes. This program provides free spay/neuter plus vaccinations to needy dogs and cats. Contact us for dates and locations.  Here are our volunteer needs:

  • Assist at Spay-Mania registration desks
  • Join a team going door-to-door identifying dogs and cats for spay/neuter
  • Take photos / videos to document the stories
  • Administrative tasks in advance and after the event (can be done at home)


Spartanburg - 1st Saturday of each month from 10am - 12noon at Cleveland Park

Greenville - 3rd Saturday of each month from 10am - 12noon at various locations.

Volunteer Needs:

  • Assist at Spay-Mania registration desk
  • Join a team going door-to-door speaking with neighbors to sign up dogs and cats for spay/neuter
  • Take photos / videos to document the stories
  • Manage outreach tracking system for Spay-Mania program


Sometimes the only thing holding someone back from spaying or neutering is lack of transportation.  We need volunteers who can help us occasionally with transportation to and from a veterinary hospital.

Apply here for volunteer opportunities