SFA Personnel Photo - Cary Medlin

Cary Medlin

Cary Medlin is passionate about animals and ensuring they receive proper care and love.  Cary became involved with animals in 2000 after seeing someone set out the most adorable black and white shih tzu, in the middle of a four lane road and drive off and leave him.  Before Cary knew it, this precious dog was in her car and they were on the way to have him checked out by a local vet.  Now named Oreo, Oreo sparked a fire in Cary that she never knew existed.  Cary questioned how someone could be this cruel?  What would happen in someone’s life to make them get to that point of abandoning their pet?  In her search for answers, Cary found that Oreo was one of too many unwanted animals.  Cary started fostering animals and heard about Speak for Animals through mutual friends.  Cary connected with Speak for Animals and was asked to participate in the first annual Spa for Spays event raising money for upstate animals in 2006.  Since then, Cary has worked with Spa for Spays and grown to love the people, faces and animals reached as part of Speak for Animals.  Cary was asked to join the Speak for Animals Board in 2016 and gladly accepted.  Cary’s goal is to become part of the solution and help reach as many animals as possible.

Professionally, Cary is an internal auditor with Greenville County School District.  Cary has over 20 years in the accounting and finance industry.

Cary currently has one dog, Crewby, who she has been blessed with for 17 years strong!  Cary is married with a son, Jackson, who is 4 years old.