SFA Personnel Photo - Darin Thomas

Darin Thomas

Social determinants of health in humans, like socioeconomic status, the physical environment, social support, as well as access to health care, affect a wide range of health risks and outcomes. My passion has been to educate, identify, then unite resources with people to improve their overall health and well being. My history as a psychotherapist, emergency room social worker and now the Program Development Manager at Greenville Health System for the department of Accountable Communities have allowed me to work with residents in the Upstate. I am also an adjunct professor with Midlands Tech training Community Health Workers, who are front-line public health workers that focus on disease education and advocating for underserved populations in communities. I want to continue to build on the relationships and work in the communities where I have witnessed resiliency. This includes advocating for the pets of these communities as they too face risk to their health and well being.