SFA Personnel Photo - Susan Bufano

Susan Bufano

Ever since watching Lassie as a child, Susan Bufano has cared about animals of all kinds.  Susan has been an advocate for peace and social justice since the 1990s, serving on numerous task forces and boards for local government and non-profit environmental, animal and community service organizations.  Her close relationship with her dog, Maggie, was the impetus that led her to want to start Speak for Animals in 2003, as well as Critter Magazine, which promoted adoption, awareness and education for Upstate animals.  She was the President of Speak for Animals and Editor and Publisher of Critter Magazine from 2003 - 2011.  She was the Community Relations Coordinator of Greenville County Animal Care from 2011 - 2015.  Susan returned to Speak for Animals in 2015 so that she could focus on spay/neuter and education.
Susan believes in the power of humane education and loves speaking to large and small groups of all ages on a variety of topics related to animals.  She is a teacher with The Healing Species along with her rescued dog, Sela.  Healing Species is a compassion education and character building 11 week program in Title One elementary schools, which helps children see empathy through the eyes of animals.
Susan and her husband, Jim, have been married for 27 years and enjoy spending time with family, friends and their 4 canine companions, Pickle, Sela, Skippy and River, as well as the current rescued dog they are fostering.  Susan has been a vegan since 2003, believing in living her life as environmentally conscious and cruelty free as possible.  Susan loves being with her peeps in Speak for Animals and she also loves to laugh until her sides ache.