SFA Personnel Photo - Tricia Lukanic

Tricia Lukanic

Tricia Lukanic became involved with SFA in 2006 joining the board as VP and Secretary.  A native of Western New York, Tricia grew up with numerous pets and a love for all animals and nature.  Moving to Greenville in 1992, Tricia continued with her banking career and pursued various volunteer opportunities with local animal welfare organizations.  Finding her niche with Speak for Animals, Tricia was instrumental in the development of Spay-Mania, the monthly community outreach program, along with serving on various fundraising projects and spay neuter program developments in her 10 years with the organization.  Today, Tricia helps oversee daily operations, financial management and strategic planning and development for the organization.

Tricia lives in Greenville with her husband, Tracy, daughter Hannah and dogs Maize Marie, Blackie, and Little Guy.  Tricia has been in the financial industry for over 25 years and is an Executive Assistant at United Community Bank in Greenville.  A vegetarian for over 25 years and vegan for 8, Tricia’s love and compassion for all living things is evident in her life.    She has watched Greenville grow into an amazing city and destination place; she is proud of her years of hard work and dedication to Speak for Animals and the positive impact it’s made on the community in which she lives.