The best way to show your dog or cat that you care is to spay/neuter and give him or her the best veterinary care possible.  Because we believe so much in this, we partner with selected Upstate South Carolina veterinarians and clinics to offer low cost and special assistance spay and neuter options. Our aim is to reduce financial barriers associated with animal spay/neuter.

Look for the Spay/Neuter Program best for you below and click on the "Apply Online!" Button associated with that program.

If you don't see a program that meets your needs, please contact us and we will do our best to help or refer you to partners or agencies that may be able to assist you.


Fix-A-Pit (Pit Bull and Pit Bull Mixes) Program: $25.00

This program is designed specifically for pit bull and pit bull mixes. Due to the overwhelming number of pit bull and pit bull mixes being euthanized in shelters, we created this program to be affordable to most everyone. We want to help put an end to useless deaths of a wonderful, but often misunderstood breed.  

You may also add vaccinations: $5.00 Rabies, $5.00 Distemper 

Apply for a "Fix-A-Pit" Voucher

Fix-A-Feline Spay/Neuter Program - $25.00

This program is for use of domesticated tame cats ONLY. Due to overwhelming requests for assistance with cat spay/neuter programs we have added this special rate, especially for cat owners who need assistance with spaying/neutering multiple cats.


Apply For A Fix-A-Feline Spay/Neuter Voucher!


Government Assistance Program (All Dog Breeds): $25.00 *with proof of assistance

If you can’t complete an on-line application, please download the Spay/Neuter Request and Release Form. This document is designed for households that are receiving government assistance (disability payments, food stamps, social security, Medicaid/Medicare, unemployment), or qualify as Low-Income based on HUD Income Limits Documentation System.
Payment of $25.00 includes one spay or neuter for a dog.

Proof of assistance is required with a completed Spay/Neuter Request and Release form.  

Full payment of $25.00 includes one spay or neuter for a dog.

You may also add vaccinations: $5.00 Rabies, $5.00 Distemper 

Apply for a government assistance dog/cat Spay/Neuter Voucher

two ferals
trapped feral-cat-

Feral (WILD) Community Cat Program - $10

Includes rabies and distemper vaccinations!
If you live GREENVILLE COUNTY, it is FREE - contact

This program is for use of FERAL CATS (untamed) ONLY and all cats using this programs will have one EAR TIPPED so that they can be readily identified. Only certain veterinarian partners work with this special group and you will receive information on your voucher. Cats MUST be dropped off INDIVIDUALLY in a HUMANE TRAP . If the cat is not deemed to be feral by the clinic, you may be required to pay full price for cat spay/neuter.

Apply For A Feral Cat Spay/Neuter Voucher!


Regular Low-Cost Program – Dog: $70.00

This program was designed for households that otherwise do not qualify for our Government Assistance Fix-A-Pit or Spay-Mania programs. Full payment of $70.00 includes one spay or neuter for a dog.

You may also add vaccinations: $5.00 Rabies, $5.00 Distemper

Apply for our low cost program!

What If I Can’t Apply Online?  

The easiest and fastest way to apply is on-line! If you cannot apply online, print out and mail in the attached form with required paperwork and payment.

Spay/Neuter Application

(we can use same request and release for ferals and dogs and cats - it works for both here)

If you have any questions or cannot print or fill out the form, please call us at (864) 421-0022.